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Project Description

Let’s Find a Game Project

Let’s Find a Game! Project was realized with the partnership of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and Active Living Association, in order to contribute to popularization of play and child’s right to play by giving opportunity to children to design and produce their own games and play materials and to experience different kinds of plays.

For this purpose, “Play and Play Material Design Seminar” was organized with the participation of school counselors from 39 districts of Istanbul.  In this seminar, play and child’s right to play was explained to teachers and designing and producing play and play materials suggestions were given.

School counselors, who will manage the process, gave one day education to teachers and students from 4th or 5th grades of schools in their provinces. After these trainings, working groups formed with at least 4 students in each school. The working groups sent their plays and play materials to District Directorate of National Education. Owners of the plays and materials that met the criteria were invited to the 19th IPA World Conference 2014 and selected games were exhibited in conference’s Play Festival.