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Active Living Association was founded in 2008 by a group of academicians, social scientists, project designers and implementation experts engaged in research and implementation projects. In order to make the active lifestyle based on regular physical activity a part of everyday life of individuals of every age and gender in schools, workplaces, homes and public spaces, the association produces information and transforms this information into daily life practice with sustainable projects.

Innovations that emerged with the rapid development of science and technology change the way people live and cause their daily lives to become inactive. However, people need physical activity to lead a healthy and quality life. To prevent inactivity, which ranks fourth among the risk factors leading to the death of 3.2 million people annually, it is necessary to accelerate the work at national and international level and to transform physical activity into a daily life practice.

Active Living Association works by providing information, guidance and counseling services to families, community members, policy makers and public health professionals through projects, researches and publications and makes efforts to ensure that individuals live in a more active and quality life in society.