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Project Description

Active Living Station

Active Living Station Project, which was realized with the partnership of Active Living Association, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Spor A.Ş. and Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation, was implemented to promote active living in the community and to encourage physical activity to become a part of everyday life by going to parks and schools with a mobile center consisting of areas where physical activity is measured and facilities for providing collective physical activity events.

Active Living Station, which went to 20 parks and 15 high schools in Istanbul, confronted young people and adults with their physical activity levels with a mobile center consisting of tools measuring physical activity levels and opportunities for mass physical activity events and given them report cards that shows their physical activity levels and tips for a more active life.

Active Living Stations consisted of 2 parts; measuring center and physical activity area. Participants answered the Physical Activity Questionnaire with the help of a touchscreen computer in the measurement center. Visitors participated in Body Mass Index (BMI) and Performance Measurements (VO2) which measure their strength and fat-muscle distribution. As a result of the measurements, participants were given a report card showing their physical activity levels and a “Physical Activity Guide” that include tips on how they can be more active. Active living consultants were given suggestions by interpreting the participants’ reports. After the measurements, the participants had the opportunity to have fun sports activities with experts in the physical activity area.